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With over 2 decades in the health and wellness field, I have helped many just like YOU overcome barriers that once kept them from living their best lives. 

Whether you have tried it all before and are willing to give it another go, or if you are looking to find the courage to  begin a healthier journey for the first time; Hale Legacy can provide the accountability, support and encouragement you didn't know you needed to succeed.

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ACSM Registered Clinical
Exercise Physiologist and
Exercise is Medicine Provider

I am passionate about helping others restore independence and manage chronic disease and illness with exercise.

Certified Health Coaching

I am committed to uncovering the reasons WHY we often struggle to practice self care and treat our bodies as the temple they were created to be.

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With 3 active boys, I can empathize with the struggles that come along with navigating a health journey in the midst of the chaos real life inevitably brings.

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Cancer Survivor

I get it-sometimes you have to FIGHT to stay healthy. I firmly believe a healthy body fights illness and disease much better than a sick and inhibited one.
I am a living proof of that! 



Weight Loss
Chronic Disease Management
Balance and Mobility
Personal Training
Health Coaching (to include stress management, sleep hygiene, nutrition guidance, and tobacco cessation and more!


"Maiya helped me begin what has become the most transformational time in my life. Through her knowledge, care and professsionalism she listened to me process my own thoughts, asked amazing questions and encouraged me to pursue things I thought were beyond me by implementing baby steps. Maiya encouraged me start running, for fun, for the first time in my life. Running had always been a torture to me and it was mostly my mindset around it. Since working with Maiya I love running and have completed a triathlon, lost 25 pounds and become a lot more mentally healthy as a result of this continued transformation! Thank you so much for your care and professionalism Maiya!"

- Kyle (Firefighter)

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